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Plastic Resource Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

QUOTES: Verbal and/or written quotes are valid for 30 days and may or may not include proof, art design, overrun/underrun, rush, shipping, cancellation and sales tax costs. Final prices and other relevant terms will be finalized at the time of proof approval.

PUBLISHED PRICES: Prices published on Plastic Resource’s websites, price sheets, marketing material or otherwise are subject to change at any time and at the sole discretion of Plastic Resource.

DUE DATES: A specific due date, turn time, ship date or product receipt date is not a condition of any Plastic Resource sale.

ART DESIGN: Art design services are subject to a charge of $75/hour ($50 minimum).

PROOFS: Initial proofs are provided at no charge. Revisions to the initial proof are subject to a $25 charge per revision.

PROOF APPROVAL: Upon approval of a proof, the customer authorizes Plastic Resource to commence production.

PRINT & COLORS: Plastic Resource reserves the right to determine the print method and colors at its sole discretion. Orders are generally printed in 4-color process (CMYK). The lamination and/or UV coating process used during card production may result in subtle color variations between the proof and the actual card. Reorders may also experience subtle color variation from original card. Specific color requests (e.g. PMS) must be communicated to Plastic Resource prior to proof approval.

FINISHING & VARIABLE DATA: Plastic Resource reserves the right to determine the appropriate print finishing (e.g. die cut, coating, lamination, magnetic stripe, packaging) and variable data application (e.g. ink jet, thermal) methods at its sole discretion. Specific finishing and/or variable data requests must be communicated to Plastic Resource prior to proof approval.

OVERRUNS/UNDERRUNS: Plastic Resource uses its best efforts to ship quantities that match order quantities; however, we reserve the right to deliver and prorate invoices by +/-10% of the order quantity.

SHIPPING: The ship to address must be provided to Plastic Resource prior to proof approval. Changes to the ship to address after proof approval may be subject to a fee. Plastic Resource will choose the shipping carrier, shipping method and whether to ship a product in part or in full at its sole discretion. Specific shipping instructions must be communicated to Plastic Resource prior to proof approval.

RUSH CHARGES: Orders that require completion outside of standard production schedules are subject to a rush charge. Rush charges will be established prior to proof approval.

PAYMENT TERMS: Plastic Resource requires that customers provide a credit card at the time of proof approval. The credit card will be charged upon shipment of the product. Plastic Resource may require full or partial payment prior to commencing production.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations made after proof approval but prior to the start of production are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations made during production are subject to payment in full.

PRODUCTION ERRORS & DAMAGED PRODUCT: Customers must report, in writing, any alleged product errors, defects, damages or otherwise to Plastic Resource within fourteen (14) calendar days from receipt of the product. Failure to report shall constitute a waiver by customer of any claim or right against Plastic Resource related to the product. In the event Plastic Resource concludes there has been a production error or damages, Plastic Resource will remedy the error or reproduce the product. Plastic Resource will not issue a refund.

RETURNS & REFUNDS: Plastic Resource’s products are of a custom nature; as such, all sales are final at the time of shipment.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the Plastic Resource and customer. No amendments of these terms and conditions shall be valid without written consent from Plastic Resource.

Privacy Policy

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