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Gift Cards for Your POS System

Plastic Resource knows virtually every point-of-sale system available. We are experts at getting gift cards, loyalty cards and member cards for any POS system.

Compatible With Heartland PC America

Plastic Resource gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards will be compatible with your Heartland PC America point of sale (POS). Heartland PC America is a digital register platform designed for retail. They are one of hundreds of systems we’ve assisted our customers with.

With our gift, loyalty or member cards you can reach new markets or reward current customers. Give plastic resources a call at 833-290-5684 or contact us about getting gift cards encoded for your Heartland PC America POS.

Heartland PC America Compatible Gift Cards
Free Shipping on Gift Cards

No Hidden Fees, Guaranteed

Plastic Resources’ laminated plastic gift cards are made in the USA. We can deliver a proof with your design or logo in around four days. You pay nothing until you approve the the digital proof.

Plastic Resource pricing is easy. You pay the same whether you use your card design, use one of our 70+ pre-designed gift cards, or design a card with one of our experts. Quick and reliable UPS shipping is free to ensure no surprises. Our team is ready to get your custom gift cards, compatible with Your Heartland PC America POS system, ordered today.

Grow Your Business With Gift Cards

Gift cards from Plastic Resource are a great way to increase your brand awareness. Attract new retail customers using cards with prepaid value. Reload the cards on your Heartland PC America POS for easy reuse.

Designing Your Cards

Designing sharp-looking, quality gift cards for your Heartland PC America POS is easy. Our three design options are backed up with our expert customer service. You can choose an image from our design library to use with your logo, upload your design with our card templates or use our custom design services to get the exact card you want. Click one of the links below or contact us to get started today.

Related Card Products

Looking for more than just gift cards? We offer a variety of custom products that get your business or brand noticed.

Disclaimer: Plastic Resource is not affiliated with PC America or Heartland. Heartland and PC America are registered trademarks of Heartland Payment Systems.

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